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When considering the purchase of an income-producing property, it is crucial to understand the factors that affect the Capitalization Rate (CAP Rate). Once the CAP Rate is determined based on tenant quality, lease structure, property condition, etc., the post-contract execution and due-diligence process begins, which is the key to a successful deal.

If you’re not looking for income-producing properties, but are interested in real estate development projects such as single family, multi fmaily or commercial/retail, we can assist you in making your project a reality, or invite you to invest in one of our development projects.

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Development Project: We can assist you in realizing your real estate development project, whether you are seeking to invest in an ongoing project, develop your own project, or secure an investor for your project.
Income Producing: A high-traffic, prime location with a nationally recognized tenant is not always necessary for a profitable investment. B-grade properties with local or regional tenants can offer higher returns, potential for growth, and manageable risk.

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